Our ex uncle Lucifer turned Devil can’t do anything without the permission of Our Father, and once such permission is granted he begins to torment us(the YOUTHS) the way he did with JOB. But we came through and walked.

Oh heavens! Then he did it by tempting us(the YOUTHS) the way he did with JESUS. Still we stood our ground and told him flee, and he walked.
For why now?! Uncle Luci… Why do you love causing trouble and pain na? The one you did with the woman with the whole issue of blood and the poor handsome Bobo you killed to create agony never reach you abi? We(the YOUTHS) be the next COCO… I shake my head….

Chai!!! Why you too dhey jealousy? You who were well respected for having the most amazing voice by all Heavenly beings(olori akorin)… The taste of pride changed everything sweet about you to bitterness… Now what? Our(the YOUTHS) choristers? 🙄 …. Hehehe, we rebuke every spirit of pride(from your mistakes have we learnt) in our lives as youth with Christ as the HEAD.

Like say e never do you… Na our anty FAITH you whon try, 🙄 you are the king of all F’s, hehe… You gave Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego a test of FAITH…. Mehn as confirm scholars whey dhey always jack with Baba God…. Them ACE the test with extra 100%…. You whon con test our own faith😆 ….. Ogbeni our(the YOUTHS) senior Brothers be scholars oo 🏅🎖 , with God our faith na ACE.

😭 😭 😭 Na permission God give you to do small oo, you don over do ham oo. Why turn us(the YOUTHS) against our miracle worker,…. Haba !!! 😱 you wise ooo ☹🙁😧 , pride you try, temptation you bring, trouble you caused, yet we stood strong… 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 , no wonder them call you trickster. SATAN!!! Master of hideous acts, always restless, and determined… We are certainly lucky numbers, once you have us… You’ve hit jackpot…. That’s why you bring forth
Deceit; I hail o! Oga Etan, the same way you deceived uncle Samson(haba! Uncle Samson who killed brother 🦁Lion with two hands) through fine sexy Delilah …. Is the☹ same way you are deceiving us with birthday parties…. (“eat small cake now🍰 …. Drink small coke🍹 ” that’s what they say… After that we start misbehaving… Na small coke we drink ooo)…. From dere u bounce on our choristers (…. “take this Iphone 6s abi s6 📱 , itz a gift…) all in the name of gifts🎁 and smiling philanthropist you deceive us…
Then we start eyeing our Pastors… Disobeying our leaders…. Ehn… The same thing you did to the children of Israel in the wilderness…. (Aaaarrrrggggghhhhh !!!! Youths…. We are like chains… Whatever we do affects both the adults and children… Remember how dem jeki Moses vex God)
😭 😭 😭 then we start denying God…. Remember Brother Paul denied Jesus… All you(SATAN) need to do is put petite lies in our mouths… Shikana… from there you have access to destroy… Then people condemn us just as Jabez was condemned to sorrow…
Just when you believe your work is complete… When you believe we’ve been destroyed… Then God starts…

😄 SATAN, haven’t you heard of This? “Slow and steady wins the race”… Although Jabez was condemned… GOD turned his story around… The same with the woman with the issue if blood… And the only son of a poor widow…. Both witnessed the power of GOD… Although Samson died he redeemed himself…
During the cause of ex uncle Luci act… Some people’s life might be ruined yet God of Mercy showers mercy upon us….
God ain’t no learner… He is a patient philanthropist(more than that… The God of all possibility).

But to the youths I say “together we stand, divided we fall”. Praying for ourselves ain’t no big deal, helping ourselves shouldn’t be something difficult, opening our hearts, minds and hands to others shouldn’t be something we do once in a blue moon. We are the youths, we are stronger than the devil himself. He misses the days of his youth due to his fall and wants the same for us, but we know little and claim to know all since we are in the world and the world is of the devil.