​It’s me again, I read an article not long ago about the lessons learnt from our daily life’s, of all sentences one line got me thinking, “I’ve learnt that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail” although I’ve heard this several times but didn’t consider it as something serious but while reading that article it hit me so hard that I sat and thought of it for hours and then realized that my life so unplanned. At times I’ll have tests and start reading days to the test, I go into the hall with the little I’ve crammed and still pass, than I say to myself “at least I passed, I didn’t fail” very funny, but really I do not like the fact that I do not pass well and that’s because I didn’t read well or let me say I didn’t plan to read well enough.
I’ll give an instance, in church we were to hold a program but we weren’t organized, our plans kept on failing till we finally postponed the program, then we had apologize to all we’ve invited and told them of the recent change. Then we all sat down and thought things through, we organized things admist us, then unity was restored. Before the D-day we started having problems with different things, we were organized within but not without. Few days to the program things started falling apart, oh how sad it would be if we were the ones holding the program and we were still the ones to screw things up before our invited guests. Then we called upon God to work wonders. To our greatest surprise, day 1 was inspiring, day 2 gave us all headaches but by the end of the day it was one great event. Day 3 was just what I would call GRACE, we all yelled and shouted at each other, then one of us said “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail…this is the outcome”, oh my! I have this silly habit of laughing when I know something serious is going on. So all I did was laugh, why? Because I knew God was in control.

Now you might say what am I driving at, well for you to arrive at a successful plan you must know these things; first learn to find peace within you, be organized, organize everything about you. Think of things you want to do then get ready to put them into act. Secondly go to your God (and for those who don’t believe in God, well ya all missing out), forward your plan to Him, tell Him how you want it and tell Him to combine how you want it and the way He wants it, then wait and see. Thirdly, get down to business, you have your to do list already, you’ve forwarded it to God yet you need to put it to work, it is said that faith without action is useless. You need to put your to do list to work, after this just wait patiently to see the results of your action. And when I mean action, I don’t just mean work I mean work hard…