I walked my path in Darkness
My world in Obscurity
I search for silver Linings
I’ve been here for Eternity
My clouds gone Dark
My skies turned Grey
No other colour exists but Black
Nature must think I’m Prey
My planet so cold I live nowhere but Pluto
I’m blind to progression don’t know direction I be heading To
Walking slowly on a fast lane,my back cracks from heavy Burden
Fallen deep into trouble waters, the sea bed now my soft Landing
Suddenly a light from Above
White skies with many Doves
Golden wings flaunting on my Skies
My world have never been so Bright
There’s truly a king in Heaven
His lightenings make me Tremble
All I had was very dark clouds,now he’s put stars on Em
Tho I was lost in my thoughts, with eclipse of d Mindset
Royalty and prosperity now in my abode begging to be my Friends

By Sammy…
Twitter handle @Realkingsammie
His love for poems and songs is unconditional.