I woke up, rolled out of bed and as usual, I said my morning prayers. “BB I’m going to bathe” did someone just say bathe? Its freezing, Hell no! I ain’t no fish. Normally I would rush down to the bathroom to avoid going late for my morning lectures but today I decided not to attend this one lecture, ain’t nothing like a girl to girl talk (which is obviously what most people refer to as AMEBO…lol). Starting from the previous night and my sleeping habit (she can sleep on water ehn), down to the food… did someone just say FOOD? (I’m so proud to state the fact that I love food. Hmmm…) straight to kitchen, Efo riro on point. The bolts and nuts of this tiny little belly were obviously loose, I couldn’t wait to start digging.

“6 yards of Ankara for gele? That’s too much!!” a girl who was watching a video on YouTube exclaimed, I couldn’t believe it how could someone use 6 good yards of Ankara to tie gele. Come to think of it, if you use 6 yards of Ankara to tie gele, how many yards would you give your tailor to sew? 12 yard?… women! Una dey spend money, but what can I say we have to look good (abi na, guys what do you think?) from gele to make up, Jesus, I salute all these makeup artists (dem dey cover fire before and after would make you fear makeup).

Heading to my room, when one girl said “come and see, something is going on in the next hostel” as someone who likes small amebo, I rushed upstairs for a better view. True true something was happening o, girls were outside the next hostel hands on their chest like their hearts were about to pop out some had their hands to their mouth. Blood of Jesus! come and see how girls quickly concluded, “maybe one went partying and didn’t return”, “maybe they’ve caught a thief”, “God have catch them, those that use to steal, it’s one by one”, “probably they were fighting over a guy” all I had to do was listen, no need to talk,  the real story would come around soon enough. I decided to leave since others left without the truth. I descended the stairs only to hear from the same girl who called to our attention “do you know what happened?” (like seriously? How does she expect me to know, do I look like superman or girl who has super hearing powers, talk joor).

“A guy went to his girlfriend’s hostel, picked up the megaphone, called out her name and said, WOULD YOU MARRY ME?” at this point I was completely blown away, I couldn’t contain the tinkling feeling in my belly, I never realized I was screaming. Jess! I wondered how she would have felt, what she would have done? What her friends would have said? Jess! I felt so fly(even if I wasn’t the one). 

This was one hell of a scene, oh! Like seriously ladies, one quick question… where did your man propose? And how? (oh! That’s two…lol).