The freedom we have Today
The liberty that has come to Stay
Will only continue to Thrive
If unity and love are goals for which we Strive..
The green white green is d prettiest Stripe
It preaches love,peace and joy nothing like Strife
Although our country has been plagued with hunger and Famine
Too many impoverished people it’s been a bad Tming
Our very green lands has suddenly turned Red.
Terrorists and militants screaming aloud for Bloodshed
Where is the true Nigerian spirit? Corruption must be a Bastard
It’s infested our moral and cultural values, making us fall apart like pack of Cards.

There’s now a new sheriff in town, namesake of a great Prophet,
He preached change before elections, economic downturn shows we aint seen it Yet
Now our biggest enemy as a people Dying
D muhammadu in aso rock must be Working

Now there’s hope for a very bright Future
Put on ur sun shades to see d clear Picture
We’ve diversified from crude oil, mining and agriculture to now bring us Income
Nigerians rejoice, because our time for abundance has Come.

So sorry this is coming late, been busy at school and all that. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE NIGERIA… Together We Stand Divided We Fall.