“What are you doing here madam? In this environment” her pastor who just finished evangelizing with some members of the church in the section meant for ladies ready to terminate their fetus “nothing sir” she said “in this section? Don’t tell me you are here to terminate the life of your unborn child?” she couldn’t look into the eye of her pastor, her eyes filled with tears. Her pastor knew something was wrong, he took her by the hand and led her outside “can you all wait for us in the car” the evangelism team left for the car. They both spoke for hours, then the pastor realized she was going through a lot, he asked her to come to him whenever she needed help and that concerning her husband’s job he was going to help, he gave her some money prayed with her and advised her not to try to take a life then he saw her off to a bus stop where she boarded a bus home.

It’s been five months and a few weeks now since she met and discussed with her pastor, both husband and wife couldn’t wait to see baby, they discussed this over breakfast then she bided him farewell. Finally after trying to sleep, she finally started sleeping, as usual, one can’t live in a ‘face me I slap you’ environment and expect peace, another fight broke out and this time around it was about who’s turn it was to wash the toilet and bathroom (mehn! I tiya for these people). This really gave her headache, so she got out of bed and headed out to drugs. On getting out she felt pain in her stomach and vanished the minute she felt it, then it was back again this time much more stronger, she tried to hold it in but couldn’t every step she took bared more pain.

She screamed when the pain was unbearable “Jesus my stomach, christ” people in the compound didn’t notice due to the fight “mummy, comman see that aunty, she’s shouting at the gate and she wee weeing blood” a little girl who noticed this ran to mummy to inform her. Her mother wondering what her child was saying followed her and saw for herself “Jesus, sisi…mama ireti, mama chuks, una whey dhey fight for well side, abeg come ooo…person whon die here o” she called on the attention of those by the well who in response rushed down to find her bleeding. Her husband arrived when he entered, “doctor, what happened?” her husband in the doctor’s office “she’s your wife” “yes sir”  “well, she would have to remain in the hospital, for further check up” “doctor, you are yet to explain what happened to my wife, how’s our baby?” “well, she had a miscarriage and that was due to stress, malnutrition and some other factors, which we are still running some tests”. This had her husbands head down for a long while, how would he tell his wife that they lost the baby due to his inability to get a job which would fetch them proper income. “sir, are you okay?” the doctor tapped the table with his pen “I guess so, I should get going, thank you sir”, he headed to his wife’s ward thinking of how to explain what happened to her, on getting there he saw her crying on the shoulder of their church member. “thank  God i’m not ready to nurture a child” he said.