Her influence is so raw and Crude

She told the man in d Mirror

There’ll be too many dark Times

Even on the right path,you’ll make so many Errors

Emotional robbery by beloved ones, you’re bound to face tough and trying Times

She said life comes with no manual, but son i’ll write and read to you Guidelines

Don’t be obsessed with pretty women, like a 1-Way ticket dey can make you pay heavy Fines

Over a decade and half Later,dad said i’m gone Forever

Life is truly a reality, so i got paid a first Cheque

I graduated to the real world, buried illusions  of kid scenes like Super Tech

Friends gradually turning Foes, mum must be a prof because she Knows

Every lie she told me about humans became a sad truth as I Grew older

She said ur talent will be celebrated, once had my pen bleeding on dotted Lines

Said some women will be petty, den a lady told against me a huge Lie

Your name will be dragged into the mud but you’ll always come out Clean

You’re born to be a king so on the throne is where you’ll be Seen

An adorable man i’ve now become over two and a half decades Later

They said life is a lesson, and so mummy was my first Teacher