At first was great hope,

Suddenly was there famine on our very fertile Land,
Leaves and trees laying lifeless on a once very green Land,
Grey skies on very large spaces above Us,
The symbol of our ever green and white national flag fades gradual economic downturns sake
But today i come at you with a very good News
Special feelings all around world, call it the truth in Truce
I see too many green,red and white Attires
Beautiful trees with multi-coloured lights, the saviour’s face on countless Flyers
For a nation deep in hard times, the birth of christ is here on the right Timing
Fireworks, concerts and melodious carol, finally on our dark skies some silver Linings
Very bright and big stars now shining in our Galaxy
Sun and it’s rays lightening up the days in rare mode, this oscillation must be Heavenly
Joy to the world because santa claus has come to Town, celebrate for a king is Born
Silent night on the horizon, a virgin mother incredibly bore a glorious💥💥🌟Son
Merry times in d heart of every city, can’t we just have this beautiful moments Forever?
Christmas is a season to celebrate, give, love and forgo hatred, pray we celebrate countless dates of 25th December 🙏🏾