​It seems so funny how little we understand each other when we’re basically talking about the same thing. We sit together, talk the same language, talk the same talk and yet understand ourselves not; I find this quite confusing, when it leads to an argument and worse of it all, a fight and when asked it turns out to be that we were on the same the page. I read a book of recent and discovered that the main problem with most people is that they fail to listen and as well fail to accept other people’s point of view, they just want their own view to be heard and followed, just theirs, others do not matter. 

   I was chatting with a few friends and the topic of being bullied in the boarding house came up, we all stated our own views about the boarding house and then I made my point by stating that I would love for my kids to experience the whole boarding house lifestyle and also learn, as I believe that you learn from the boarding house; I also made mention of my other reasons but before I could finish they all looked at me in this silly way which would simply show that I was crazy. Then I said we were all talking about the boarding house and its experience our views and what we would want for our kids, your own reason is different from mine, your opinion is totally different from mine. I learnt a lot about life, how to be humble, what makes people act the way they act, why people read so hard to get to the top. I really do believe that during our childhood what is learnt sticks with us, when we’re told of the reward of good deeds we sticked to good deeds.

   No one feels the way a person who has gone through such experience feels, you might say you know the feeling, but you don’t feel that way, no matter how much empathy you have for such person. They all tried to make me look insane and stating fact about “a civilized boarding house”,  how it runs now and tried to make me change my mind.

   My point here is that, no one has the right to impose his or her idea or views on others, if you believe that your view is best, do your best to make it clear to others and not impose it on others, then they can decide whether or not to accept your view. I believe that we all have the right to our own views and at the same time we also have to learn to accept people’s views or ideas even if we wouldn’t consider it close to ours. We should learn give people audience for none of us would love to get shunned and swallowed in people’s words and not just giving audience but also try to understand and if you still do not understand, ask questions, that way can we avoid any means of shunning another. Give others audience. 

Thanks for reading.